Butyl Mastic

Butyl Mastic - IDL, Non-Setting Bedding Mastic, Rolls, Tubes

Butyl Mastic - IDL, Non-Setting Bedding Mastic, Rolls, Tubes

Non-setting mastic sealants as used throughout the caravan manufacturing industry, these sealers are available in a range of preformed sizes or can be purchased in the liquid form.

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Butyl Sealant for Sealing Caravan Windows 8mm x 1.6mm x 30mtr

Product no.: SBS31109R

Caravan Window Sealant, butyl mastic in White (0311W). This non drying butyl tape is designed to seal Polyplastic touring caravan windows


Flashband Soudal Butyband 75mmx0.6mmx10m

Product no.: SFB005R

Flashband - Soudal SR75. General purpose product often used for sealing of skylights and sunrooms and conservatory glazing applications


Carafax IDL 99 Cream Mastic Sealant 400ml

Product no.: SBM005

Carafax IDL 99 Caravan Mastic Sealant - Popular non-setting bedding mastic in Cream, Carafax IDL99 comes in a 400ml Tube


Carafax IDL 110 White Mastic Sealant 400ml

Product no.: SBM015

Carafax IDL110 Caravan Mastic Sealant - Non-setting bedding mastic in White. Comes in a 400ml Tube.


Butyl Caravan Mastic Tape Roll IDL311 White 6mm Bead x 8.6mt

Product no.: SBS311205R

6mm Round Bead Caravan Mastic Tape In 311 White. This tape is supplied on a 8.6 metre roll.


Butyl Caravan Mastic Sealant Tape White 6mm x 23mm / 4.5mm x 5.5mt

Product no.: SBS311201R5

Bailey Caravan Awning rail mastic tape in White (IDL311). This product is supplied on a 5.5 meter roll.


Butyl Caravan Mastic Tape IDL311 White 25x2.4mmx18m

Product no.: SBS311020R

White Butyl Caravan mastic (IDL311) strip sealing tape - 25mm wide x 2.4mm thick supplied in 18mt rolls


Butyl Mastic Strip IDL311W 8 x 1 x 45m

Product no.: SBS31112R

IDL311 White. The measurements of this tape are 8mm x 1mm x 45 metre. This product is often used for Swift awning rails.