Water Carriers, Pumps & Caps

Water Carriers, Waste Water Carriers, Water Pumps, Filler Caps

Water Carriers, Waste Water Carriers, Water Pumps, Filler Caps

Aquaroll & Aquarius Water Carriers, Waste Warrior & Wastemaster Containers, Sub Pumps, Fiamma Pumps


A choice of caravan and camping water carriers and waste water containers from Royal and Aquaroll, plus submersible water pumps, Fiamma water pumps, and filler caps.


Main Category - Touring Caravan Accessories, Motorhome Accessories

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Reich In-line Submersible Pump 15 Litre

Product no.: TF64
The high quailty 12 volt D.C Reich In-Line sub pump has a maximum capacity 15 litres per minute. This powerful yet compact pump measures 140mm high and 55mm wide and comes with 1 meter of electrical cable. 0.5 Bar.

12v DC Submersible Water Pump for Caravans & Motorhomes

Product no.: TF10

Submersible Water Pump - sub pump. Replacement submersible water pump suitable for caravan or motorhome, 12V DC.


Fiamma A20 Expansion Tank

Product no.: ACC037

Fiamma A20 Expansion Tank - complements the Fiamma Aqua 8 and other pressure switch water pumps. The A20 allows a consistent water flow, eliminating the pulsating operation caused by pressure switch pumps.


Aquaroll Water Carrier Bag 29ltr - 40ltr

Product no.: ACC044

Aquaroll Bag for the 29 or 40ltr Aquaroll Water Carrier. Genuine high quality water resistant carry bag for both the 29 & 40 litre Aquaroll


Pyramid Waste Water Porter - Waste Carrier

Product no.: ACC009

Pyramid Waste Water Porter - Convenient and easy to use caravan accessory. When full just roll to emptying point and tip waste water away.