Caravan Cladding - Artefoam PVC Foam Cladding for Caravan Walls


PVC Foam cladding has been replacing the old-style aluminium cladding for caravan exterior walls over recent years. Many static Holiday Homes are now produced using Artefoam PVC-UE external cladding.


Artefoam is a modern style PVC foam cladding system that is easy to install and doesn't require any maintenance. Perfect for use on holiday parks, the high quality boards are light weight, extremely durable and resistant mould/fungus and changing weather conditions.


Artefoam PVC-UE Cladding suitable for Holiday Home Caravans, Garden Offices, Sheds and Lodges can be ordered directly from the PANELZONE website



Artefoam Caravan Cladding PVC-UE


Holiday Home Cladding Artefoam PVC-UE


Tawny Caravan Cladding Artefoam PVC-UE