Cedagravel - Caravan Hard Standings, Paths, Car...

Cedagravel - Caravan Hard Standings, Paths, Car Parks

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Cedagravel: Gravel Stabiliser

We all know gravel can add an elegant touch to any garden, driveway or business premises, but all too often the disadvantages associated with gravel prevent it from becoming the product of choice. The solution is Cedagravel:



  • 100% porous - helps prevent flooding
  • 100% recycled/recyclable polypropylene
  • Geotextile helps prevent weeds from coming through, resulting in less use of herbicides
  • More environmentally friendly than concrete



  • No drainage pipes required
  • Only 5cm of gravel used
  • Large sheets - quick installation, easy to cut



  • Ideal for use as caravan or park home hard standing
  • Ideal for paths and drives
  • Self draining
  • Geotextile prevents gravel from sinking beneath sheets
  • Pushchair & wheelchair friendly
  • Car and bike friendly
  • No pits, ruts or spreading
  • No sinking
  • Honeycombs are hidden from view
  • Low maintenance



Cedagravel is colour stable, using natural resources in a natural environment

David Bellamy Supports Cedagravel


"As a porous surface Cedagravel allows natural drainage to occur and therefore creates a living breathing foundation"



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